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The project "the feasibility of application of Pyrolase(TM) 160 in Liaohe oil field" has passed the appraisement


In June, 2006, the Fracturing and Acidification Center of the Institute of Drilling and Extracting in Liaohe oil field finished the lab evaluation of Pyrolase(TM) 160 gel breaker and obtained satisfied result. After that, Pyrolase(TM) 160 was taken on trail in four wells in Leijia, Caotai, and Oulituozi zones. All the trails were successful. According to the data from oil extraction company, the average daily yield of the wells after fracturing using Pyrolase(TM) 160 was 13.54±2.31 tons. The accumulated yield of a single well has reached to 1681 tons up to date. The project, as the using of high-tech bio-product in oil fields, has passed the appraisement of related departments and experts in Liaohe oil field. Mean while, the experts showed interests in other high-tech products of BITeomics, Inc..

Liaohe Oil Field

Liaohe Oil Field


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