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BIT鈥檚 3rd Annual International Congress of Biotherapy-2019 was grandly opened!

March 20th, 3rd Annual International Congress of Biotherapy was held at the Beijing R&F Wanda Realm Hotel. The conference was jointly sponsored by Foreign Experts Databank of SAFEA (Dalian Branch), co-organized by Zhongguancun Biomedical Park and Yaodu Jingwei Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., China International Talent Exchange and Development Research Association. BIT Congress and Zhongguancun Medical Equipment Park jointly hosted the theme of 鈥淭oward Next Generation Therapy鈥. The event attracted many famous domestic experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, etc. to participate in the exhibition.

Fu Duanlu, Chairman of Zhongguancun Medical Instrument Park Co., Ltd., and Dr. Mei Xiaodan, the Executive Chairman of the Conference, Chairman of the BIT Congress, delivered speeches at the opening ceremony. Dr. Mei welcomed all the scientific experts, scholars and entrepreneurs to Beijing. Participate in and share new technologies, new achievements and new progress in the field of biotherapy, and look forward to this conference to contribute to the breakthrough innovation of biotherapy. The conference was chaired by Li Kechun, managing partner of Yuan Ming Capital.

The two-day conference setted up an opening ceremony, theme forum, high-end dialogue, sub-forum, project roadshow and other sections, focusing on "medical device innovation development and approval policy" and "Chinese biopharmaceutical (monoclonal antibody) in the international perspective). R&D and exit", "immunoprecision treatment under the guidance of big data", "development and prospects of a new generation of tumor immunotherapy", "development of bispecific antibodies", "application of adipose stem cells in health", " Exploration and thinking on precise immunotherapy of new tumor antigen based on combination of natural immunity, "CAR-NK immune cell therapy for tumor", "functional diagnosis and precision medicine", "micro-dose plasma-level whole genome cfDNA methylation group" The topic of sensitive detection and classification of cancer, and the application of CyTOF in the development of new drugs will be discussed, and a communication platform will be set up for researchers, clinicians and R&D enterprises to analyze the hotspots of biological therapy research. At the same time, the conference held an exhibition, and nearly 50 biomedical companies participated in the exhibition to showcase the scientific and technological achievements in the field of biotherapy, and to promote commercial promotion and cooperation.

In the 21st century, the development of medical technology continues to advance, and the research and application of biological therapy is particularly eye-catching. The vigorous development of biological therapy will bring benefits to human health. The holding of this conference is of great significance for promoting scientific and technological exchanges and sharing of results in the field of biological therapy. All participating experts gathered wisdom to jointly promote basic research, clinical application and industrialization of biotherapy.

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