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Bureau Visited BIT Group to Provide the Legal Aid on
How to Protect the National Database


This morning, a group of Dalian Police Department visited BIT Group to conduct research and understanding on issues related to national data security, intellectual property protection, trade secrets, and company information security. They provided legal aid and counseling for unfair vicious competition, disrupting market and job encroachment, and reporting to superiors based on what they know. In addition, it also provides valuable suggestions for the company's future technical security of data security, and hopes to provide relevant technical support to ensure that it is not in place.
The Police Department representative pointed out that as the management and operation organization of the national database, BIT Group has made great contributions to the development of the city even the country. The employees working at BIT Group should cherish the company's working conditions and hope all employees improve their awareness of law-abiding thinking. Maintaining the foreigner expert database data security is a major responsibility of every employee. Any illegal use or even misappropriation of state-level database information and company-related information may cause a major loss to the enterprise, and may report the case for investigation. The Dalian Policy Department will always be a powerful backing for the era of big data, to protecting intellectual property rights, trade secrets, and healthy and safe development of enterprises.

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