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At present, conference & exhibition industry has become one of the three most promising industries, which promotes the development of regional and urban economy significantly. Since economy substantially benefits from specifically-themed conferences and exhibitions based on local advantageous industries, the achievement and series of international conferences from BIT Congress Inc, are convinced to play a noticeable role in boosting local economic growth due to the features of higher profile and larger scale.

On 16th of May, 2012, 18 sub-councils of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade formed an Alliance of Destination City of International Conference in Dalian. The major purpose of this alliance is to promote development of local economy and conference & exhibition industry by integrating the resources of destination municipal governments and enterprises, and cooperating with a professional conference company in planning, organizing and operating large conferences & exhibitions.

The establishment of the alliance indicates that international conference industry is rapidly developing and gradually maturing in China. It aims to assist every member to achieve common sustainable development in both economy and culture via the support of conference and exhibition industry.

BIT Congress Inc, a leading and fast growing international conference company, witnessed this significant moment in the developing process of Chinese international conference and exhibition industry. The moment also significantly influenced the scope of company’s business. By cooperating with the strategic partners from Alliance, increasing international conferences are brought to these promising cities for more opportunities of cooperation and negotiation.

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