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1 、The 4th Annual Congress of International Drug Discovery Science and Technology (IDDST)

The 4th Annual Congress of International Drug Discovery Science and Technology (IDDST) will be held in Dalian and Xian, China, May 25-June 2, with the theme of Combating Major Diseases for Happy Life. We have invited Dr. Sidney Altman, the Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 1989, and Dr. Lee Babiss, Vice President, Preclinical Research and Development. Hoffmann-La, Roche, Inc. USA, to our congress for keynote speech. In addition, we also plan to invite 80-100 internationally famous experts or technical directors from well-known companies to our conference with more than one hundred major programs for cooperation with each other in innovation and development of drug for major diseases.

We have set 8 sessions this time, including Anti-Cardiovascular Diseases Drug Discovery & Development, Latest Advances in New Drug Discovery of Liver Diseases, New Drug Discovery & Development in HIV & Serious Epidemic Infectious Diseases, New Drug Development of Cancer /Tumors and Leukaemia, Anti-Diabetes and Anti-Metabolic Disorder Drug Discovery & Development, Drug Discovery of Alzheimer's Disease (AD), Parkinson's Disease (PD)and Related Aging Disorders, Master Medicinal Chemistry to Develop More Potent, Safe and New Anti-Major Disease Medicines and Globalization, Standardization and Modernization of TCM.

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2、 World AIDS Day 2006
World AIDS Day 2006 will be held in Tianjin, China, December 1-3, 2006. We will talk about development of anti-AIDS vaccine and drug, therapy and control of AIDS, and publicize the knowledge about prevention of AIDS to the public for control of the spread of AIDS in the whole globe.

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3、2007 World DNA and Genome Day

In order to commemorate the discovery of double-helix structure of DNA and promote the exchange of scientific information in life science industry, World DNA and Genome Day 2007 will be held in Dalian, China, in April, 2007, at which we will continue to talk about knowledge related to gene and provide better service and more valuable information for the public and various fields of basic research about life science.

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