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Brand Superiority

Nobel Prize
across China
Aiming at spreading the spirits of Nobel Laureates to the whole country, we have invited 45 Nobel Prize Laureates over the past ten years. The spirits of Nobel Laureates will encourage our scientists and students in universities in their research work and this plan has enabled them to have precious opportunities to talk to these world masters. We will stick on this plan and invite more Nobel Laureates to come to visit China through our events in various fields. The Nobel Laureates forum has brought a new concept of science to people and it has been an excellent platform for exchanging ideas in China.

Ten years’
Efforts Make for Brilliant
Up to now, we have already successfully organized hundreds of international conferences. These excellent conventions have condensed our unremitting efforts of nearly 10 years: Building hundreds of Brands in Global Professional Conferences for Science & Technology; Succeeding in organizing high-end and large-scaled conferences. More than 300 conferences were operated; over 45 Nobel Prize Laureates had been invited to China; more than 100,000 international renowned experts and entrepreneurs from over 80 countries and regions; Databank with 12 million items of high-end professionals in Science & Technology are accumulating; and we have the most Powerful Team with 500 meeting planners.

The Largest Maker of Professional Conferences in Asia-Pacific
As the largest convention enterprise in Asia, we have always been the champion in Convention & Exhibition in China with a powerful team relying on the internationalized talents, perfect convention serves system, outstanding capacity calling for international speakers, solid background of Science & Technology, and powerful meeting planners.

Overseas Talents Exchanging Platform
As the Foreign Experts Databank of SAFEA - Dalian Subdivision, we are endeavoring to operate international conferences, and contribute a lot in promoting the technological exchanges and talents introduction. These excellent talented persons also have given support to us.

Enormous Resources,
Rich Competitive Strength
Over the years, we have achieved great success in organizing hundreds of international conferences with the support from local governments at all levels and social institutions such as State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, China Council for the Promotion if international Trade, Science and Technology Bureau, China Medicinal Biotechnology Association and Chinese petroleum society. BIT gain its reputation among world scientists and professionals. They leave messages, write inscriptions and takes photos to express their passions to the events. Extensive and authentic public resources and tremendous strength of BIT can ensure the exclusive and high-end business activities. There are quite a number of administrations, entrepreneurs, researchers, business representatives who benefits a lot from these event and the relative activities.

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