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A Reliable Supplier of High-Quality Synthetic Peptide
Peptoids' extensive know-how and experiences with solid-phase synthesis and liquid-phase synthesis, and with subsequent HPLC purification enable us to meet customer different demands. As one of the earliest peptide producers in China, BITeomics has been producing customer peptides for research organizations, universities and pharmaceutical companies throughout the world for years.

We Offer:
High quality peptides made by experts & delivered to you with all documents:
•  HPLC chromatogram
•  Mass spec analysis
•  Synthesis report

Range of Services:
•  Simple to complex
•  Linear to cyclized
•  Large scale
•  Wide variety of modifications (from biotinylation to phosphorylation, to dye labeling, and much more¡­)

Our services are described below in greater details:
• Quoting
• Price
• Quantity
• Delivery Time
• Analytical data
• Confidentiality


Please complete the quotation form if you're interested in the services. We will quote promptly after reviewing the structure of the peptide within 24 hours. 


We provide competitive price for our customers. If you are interested in our services, please contact us directly.


For research purposes we offer peptides in quantities of 50mg and 100mg.

Delivery Time

Approximately 1 week for catalog peptides. 2 weeks to 1 month for quoted peptides depending on quantity and quality.

Analytical data

Peptides are standard delivered with analytical HPLC chromatogram, MS data and synthesis report.


We maintain absolute confidentiality. If necessary, we will sign a confidential agreement before receiving your peptide structure.

For further information, please send your request to: or  0086-411-84799609 (Tel) or  0086-411-84799629(Fax)


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