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Drug Discovery :::::

Technology Platform:

Biteomics Drug Discovery Research Institute, as the research platform of Biteomics, is specializing in innovative drug development and has Synthesis Laboratory, Reagent Laboratory, Analysis Laboratory, Biological Evaluation Laboratory, Cell Laboratory and other laboratories.

Research Programs:

Biteomic has developed nano drug delivery technology. The technology with long-term efficiency can reduce side effect of drug and enhance body endurance of drug. The preferred drugs are reagent of Paclitaxel, Elemene and Amphotericin. This technology is platform technology with independent property right and can derive a series of new drug.

New anti-AIDS Drug
In virtue of bioinformatics and Computer- Aided Drug Design (CADD), our company has successfully simulated 36-39 new amino acid T-20 analogs of non-gp41 list on the basis of interaction of T-20, T-1249 and gp41, and developed oral anti-AIDS drug of new structure by further decoration of hanging drug.

Proteomics Project (Patent Technology)
Combined Parallel Bio-Reactor: It is a multi-channel combined parallel bio-reactor, with small volume and many combining ways. It can be operated parallel in multi-channel. The application scope includes parallel replicate, b iocatalysis, biosynthesis and combinatorial chemistry of combined protein expression and denatured protein inclusion bodies.

Denatured Recombinant Protein High Throughput Refolding Renaturation Methods
It's purified, refolded and renatured recombinant protein made by renaturation system of artificial chaperon, decontamination and anticoagulant with inclusion bodies of infusible denatured protein as its raw materials.

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